Qualifi Level 7 Diploma in Project Management

Programme Overview

The aim of the QUALIFI Level 7 Diploma in Project Management is to help develop the learners’ knowledge, understanding and skills required to deal with the complexities of leadership and strategic management in a business context, and to develop their ability to lead change in organisations.

The Qualifi Level 7 Diploma in Project Management aims to give learners the opportunity to:

  1. Apply theoretical understanding of management to complex and current business issues with a view to improving business practice
  2. Reflect critically upon leadership skills and there by allow learners to prepare for senior roles of Project Management within their organisation.
  3. Develop a lifelong learning attitude to education and training
  4. Gain a critical insight into contemporary research and leading-edge practice within the field of Project Management
  5. Develop considerable autonomy in their learning and enhance their ability to plan and implement consultancy projects in a group context
  6. Generate originality and enterprise in approaching complex PR issues
  7. Demonstrate self-direction, initiative and autonomy in research and scholarship towards a new contribution to knowledge in a chosen field of management.
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Key Facts

Know some key facts about the Qualifi Level 7 Diploma in Project Management programme

Qualification number 610/1342/0 (RQF)
Qualification type Vocational Related Qualification (Higher Education)
Qualification Level 7
Accreditation Status Accredited
Credit Equivalency 120
Progression Routes QUALIFI Level 8 Diploma / University to complete a Master’s Degree / Employment in an associated profession

Programme Units

  • Planning, Controlling and Leading a Project
  • Procurement Risk and Contract Management
  • Project and Logistics Management
  • Operations and Information Management for Project Managers
  • Research Methods for project management

Learning Outcomes

  1. To understand and apply the principles of project management in a business environment
  2. Review and apply the principles of project management within industry
  3. To understand and apply the principles of project management in a specific environment
  4. To improve the employability of learners by allowing them to explore the relationship between theories and their practical application in the business world.
  5. Analyse problem solving techniques specific to business and industry
  6. Select, collate, review and analyse information form a wide range of sources
  7. Work independently and as part of a team
  8. Manage one’s own personal development and growth.