About Us


BSMS is an innovative institute which constantly thrives on delivering outstanding service and support for students in London and across the UK. As part of the academic service, BSMS supports the students via “Blended Learning”, which is a delivery mode that combines face-to-face academic lectures, tutor support and online resources.

We welcome students from all walks of life looking to study in the UK, with lots of different needs and goals – but with one thing in common: Each has the desire to learn in an exciting, stimulating way and develop skills that will help them succeed. Our goal is to create an institutional environment that defines Educational Equality.

Whether you’re looking for college courses online or 6-month courses in the UK for international students, BSMS offers the latest educational teaching methodologies and educational support tools to empower students to control their own learning.

British School Of Management and Sciences (BSMS) is a private educational institution based in the UK with satellite campuses across the globe. Students are attracted to enrol with BSMS because we offer the latest educational teaching methodologies and educational support tools, which combine to offer a unique educational experience. BSMS has taken traditional teaching methods (which have their roots in the 19th century) and completely reworked and revised those methodologies. The result is a vibrant, dynamic teaching environment where students are empowered to control their own learning and where tutors and students work together sharing combined values.

At BSMS we believe that it is the energy and motivation of our students that is the key to success. Knowing this, we have created teaching methodologies that ensures the highest rates of learning retention, and is broad enough in its scope to encompass all learning styles.

Blended learning is an approach to education delivery in which a student learns at least in part through online delivery of content and instruction with some element of student control over time, place, path, and/or pace. Blended Learning (Staker / Horn – May 2012)
Blended learning is a form of education that combines face-to-face classroom experience with computer-mediated activities. According to its proponents, the strategy creates a more integrated approach for both instructors and students.

The goal of a blended learning approach is to enrich the student’s study experience. From a delivery perspective, the idea is to take the existing product and by innovation, improve it. By combining a mix of traditional classroom instruction (which varies considerably) and instruction mediated by technology, you achieve a flexible instructional model which allows the student to learn via a variety of teaching methods both in the classroom and online.

By imparting the key theoretical underpinning of a course via online / multimedia delivery, the educational instructor can use face to face contact in a more effective and learner-paced way. By removing the element of passive teaching and using dynamic, kinesthetic delivery the level of information retention rises experientially.



BSMS Mission
Inspiring in people the values of cooperation and tolerance through diversity and equality in education.

BSMS Vision
To create an institutional environment that defines Educational Equality in it’s most idealistic form(Defined as access to education without bias due to race, colour, religion, sex, sexual orientation, age or disability).
At the BSMS, we believe that changing the traditional teaching methodology into a more dynamic, engaging and vibrant environment is the key to success.

Our Approach

  • Students work together with tutors sharing combined values
  • Greater motivation and energy
  • Combines all learning styles
  • Highest rates of learning retention
  • Online delivery ensures that students have some control over their time, place, path and pace
  • Creates a more integrated approach for both instructors and students


BSMS offers no more of long one way lectures, but the tutors involve and engage the students, making the class interactive, full of discussions based on case studies from real life environment ensuring students to recall much more information than from a traditional way of teaching. Students are involved in group classes, online learning and in their personal study time. We believe that this approach is the best way of dispensing knowledge on to the younger generation.


“Blended learning offers the possibility of changing our attitudes not only as to where and when learning takes place, but in terms of what resources and tools can support learning and the ways in which these might be used. Blended e-learning adds extra dimensions to blending. It fosters integration of different spaces, allowing students to learn from college, university, the work environments, from home or on the move. It can offer the flexibility in the time when learners can participate in courses, reducing or removing restrictions arising from the balance of work or home commitments with study. It also opens up a range of new media resources that can be used for learning”